Saturday, September 17th

08.30 AM Race start at Norsjø Ferieland- Marathon distance (46 kilometers) 

09:00 AM Transportation from Nordsjø Ferieland to  Notodden.

10.00 AM Transportation from Nordsjø Ferieland to Lystang

11:00 AM Race start for the Notodden - Norsjø Ferieland course (23 kilometers)

12:30 PM Race start for the Lystang - Norsjø Ferieland course (10 kilometers)

02:30 PM Prize Ceremony

Sunday, September 18th

On Sunday emphasis is on social activities, and we hope that as many as possible join us for an enjoyable end to the season. Will possilbly be a possibility to join an earlier and longer route too... Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for questions..  

10:30 AM Departure from Norsjø Ferieland by minibus and boat trailers for those who want transportation.

11:00 AM "Lock paddling” on the Telemark Canal, ex. from Vrangfoss to Ulefoss. We’ll be lowered through Eidsfoss and Ulefoss locks. Paddle instruction and storytelling on the way. Round off together at Ulefoss guest pier.

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