The Canal Race

Here in beautiful Telemark we are lucky as to have long canals that have been important arteries for boat traffic into the county. The Bandak-Norsjø Canal with its lock chambers is an ambitious piece of engineering, especially considering the time that it was built (opened 1892). The locks made it possible to enter Telemark via a waterway, and it generated a lot of activity. During the Telemarkspadlern event you can experience these locks and at the same time be a part of giving life, activity, and excitement to the Telemark Canal – this time in your own kayak! 

Telemarkspadlern is an international kayak race consisting of a 23-kilometer long course beginning in Norway’s blues capital, Notodden. This distance does not pass through any locks, and is the race for those paddlers who wish to attempt our longest and hardest course. The race crosses Heddalsvatnet lake where the landscape is wide open (and you may be exposed to wind and waves), winds its way past Lysstang campsite where the course for the 10-kilometer distance begins, and ends up at Akkerhaugen with the race finish at Nordsjø Ferieland. In 2012 we introduced a 46 km marathon distance, starting at Norsjø Ferieland to Notodden, and the downstream back to Ferieland.  You can see the race course map here .


At Nordsjø Ferieland there will be an awards ceremony, and a chance to sample a “baked paddle-potato” – as well as a chance to take a shower.

Of course we can’t organize a kayak-race on the Telemark Canal without giving you the opportunity to experience the locks, so on Sunday we make our way up the Bandak Canal to paddle downstream towards Ulefoss. The start goes off just below Vrangfoss lock, and it is possible to paddle either kayak or canoe.  

This is a tour and the purpose is to be able to experience the historic canal and be guided through one of the eight locks of this Telemark waterway. We will organize transportation of boats from Nordsjø Ferieland, and there is a separate program for this day which we will make available here as soon as possible.

 See you on the canal!


























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